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Receiving cheaper international inmate phone calls from an inmate located in a U.S. based prison or jail is simple using our international inmate phone service. If you're currently receiving international collect calls from an inmate or prepaying for  the international inmate phone calls from a U.S. based prison we can guarantee that you will save money on your international inmate phone calls.


Using the same technology that the  inmate phone providers have been using for years to over-charge you on your international inmate phone calls, we now have the ability to route these inmate phone calls to your international landline or international mobile phone for 80% less than what you are currently paying for international calls from U.S. based prisons and jails today. We have many happy international customers receiving cheap international inmate calls in nearly every major country in the world today so whether you are looking to receive cheaper inmate calls in the U.K. Canada, Mexico, Spain, Peru or anywhere else around the world, we promise to do everything we can to reduce the cost of your international inmate phone bill.

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